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A new learning laboratory will be a seedbed for the latest concepts in active teaching and learning to Oregon State.

May 21, 2013

A new teaching building will bring the latest designs to Oregon State.
A new teaching building will bring the latest designs in active, engaged learning at Oregon State University. (Boora Architects)

Pending approval by the State Legislature, Oregon State plans to create an inspiring teaching laboratory and promote active learning in a new classroom building. Planned by Boora Architects in Portland, the new facility has been designed with faculty input and includes:

  • A 600-seat arena classroom in the round
  • A parliamentary-style room where students face each other across an aisle
  • Lecture halls in which teachers can easily reach every seat
  • Flexible seating arrangements that allow students to work in groups
  • Space for three programs that develop and support new learning strategies — the Center for Teaching and Learning, Technology Across the Curriculum and Media Services — and room to demonstrate new concepts for student engagement

Classroom 2


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