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Cradle of Innovation

With a $275 million portfolio, OSU researchers work with entrepreneurs to nurture economic development.

Ocean Views

Move your cursor over and click on the objects in the diagram below to learn what oceanographers have in their toolbox. (Illustration: Studio 208) [jj-swfobject path=”” html_id=”banner” width=”920″ height=”540″ version=”9.0.0″] Technology extends our vision. We’ve always known that the ocean is a dynamic environment, but satellite-borne sensors, sonar, time-lapse video, moored buoys and autonomous gliders […]

Greenbelts Under Scrutiny

Cities from Corvallis to London use greenbelts to preserve habitat and ease urban congestion. Who doesn’t want the benefits of city living with a backyard the size of New Jersey? Not all greenbelts, however, are created equal, and although some may save critical environmental features, others have failed to restrain urban sprawl. On his Per […]