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First Line of Defense

Last fall’s announcement that virulent antibiotic-resistant staph infections had killed almost 19,000 patients in American hospitals and nursing homes in 2005 didn’t surprise George Allen.

Scientists to Bark Beetle: “No Vacancy”

Along with U.S. Forest Service colleagues, OSU researchers have figured out what a particular pheromone is communicating to Douglas–fir bark beetles and now use that language to help protect high–value trees on thousands of acres across much of the West.

Invaders in the Dunes

Unnoticed by most beach–goers, a showdown is under way in Oregon’s coastal dunes, and the winner could pack increased risks for coastal property, especially during winter storms.

Football as Product

The bottom line was that those running the NFL could no longer take football’s powerful appeal for granted, and they feared losing an entire generation of lifetime football fans (and that generation once lost might spawn another, then another).